Windows 8.1

In Windows 7 you used to be able to view the network key in clear text for a particular wireless network the machine was already configured to use. In Windows 8.1 this feature has been removed from the GUI. In order to view it in Windows 8.1 follow these steps:
1. Open a command prompt
2. Type netsh and hit enter to enter the network shell
3. Once in netsh, type wlan show profiles and hit enter to list the wireless profiles defined on the workstation
4. To view the network key belonging to a particular profile type wlan show profile “profilename” key=clear and hit enter
5. In the results look in the section labeled Security Settings for Key Content and that will be the network key for the SSID in that profile
Example Results:
Security settings
Authentication  : WPA2-Personal
Cipher              : CCMP
Security Key      : Present
Key Content      : thisinforocks!
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