Virtual CIO

When Do You Call?

Today's economic challenges dictate the need for a cost-effective way to fund IT support services. Full time CIO leadership can be expensive and not friendly to your bottom line.

The VIRTUAL CIO IT Support Program is a customized strategic plan to address the specific needs of businesses and organizations. Here's how the program works:


The program kicks off with an evaluation of the IT technologies being practiced, organization as a whole as well as current and planned projects. This provides the basis of a comprehensive view of how well the client's organization is aligned with business needs identifying tactical and strategic IT strengths and risk areas.


The risk areas identified in the IT Evaluation are prioritized into an initiative list where the most critical items take precedence. A plan is then developed to complete these projects. Typical initiatives include:

  • Ensuring computing environment and networks are secure.
  • Reconfiguration or upgrading aging network components.
  • Validating and correcting basic daily data recovery scenarios.
  • Auditing enterprise software licenses.
  • Establishing IT policies and practices such as security, technology configuration management and software development methods.
  • Instituting uniform operating documentation for startup and shutdown procedures.
  • Validate IT business continuity policies and practices properly align with critical business processes.

The result of these efforts provides the foundation for a stable computing environment in which change can occur more effectively. Support teams have a solid foundation to respond to incidents successfully.


ZLan Partners has a well established process for managing IT networks and systems for businesses nationwide-based on best practices. With our experienced engineers, we are able to offer a wide range of IT skills and operational expertise without the cost of employing a full time engineer. Time sharing our resources gives you a subject matter expert as needed; whether it is hourly, daily or weekly. Our customers see the following benefits by partnering with ZLan Partners:

Minimize Risk: Our analysis identifies and addresses high risk issues early on.

Reduce Costs: Advance scheduling of support activities allows you to optimize your IT budget.

Enhance Communications: We thoroughly document your environment and keep you regularly informed of the health of your system.

Increase ROI: Processes and systems are optimized to achieve higher returns on your computer investments.

Leverage Experts: Our team's broad knowledgebase can supplement your in house skill set to efficiently resolve your issues.

Improve Reliability: Regular maintenance improves reliability and consistency of operations.


Once your IT organization is stable and providing the proper level of support, your planning horizon can then be raised to 12 to 36 months.

ZLan Partners can...

  • Help you understand how IT fits into your business model.
  • Establish a planning roadmap which will consider your organization's alignment with business goals as well as technology alternatives.
  • Provide a technology investment strategy which is built based on your business needs.